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I have a big problem: Whenever I'm in storyboard and Ctrl-Drag from a button into its .h file, give a random name and click enter to create an action, XCode crashes - always. I already restarted Mac OS, reinstalled XCode, made a new storyboard from scratch, but it all doesn't help, the error doesn't change the tiniest bit. Has anyone any idea what is wrong with my setup?

Edit: I solved it. The problem was: The header view for the ViewController, which contained the button, was toggled to an iOS library header (.h) file. So XCode tried to write into a write-protected library .h file and therefore crashed. I Ctrl-Dragged the Button into a correct in-the-project header file and it worked flawlessly.

Since I'm totally new to XCode I didn't recognize that the file wasn't autogenerated from XCode but prewritten and an iOS library file.

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