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A display issue has been reported on the iPhone. I do not have one. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas.

On my website. The trouble appears to be caused by the url bar. On android, the function $(window).height() returns (screen height - url bar). On iOS, it doesn't appear to be doing this.

On my site I am skipping the page down past the url bar. I am then making the images full screen and centered. ( I have to use Javascript because of some spec restrictions )

In Android, the images are resized to the visible area of the screen. On the iPhone they are resized to the available height - url bar. This causes the images to be too small with a gap at the bottom. At least this is my understanding of the problem.

iPhone Screenshots.

with url bar
with the url bar

without the url bar
without the url bar

This is what I am using to resize the images.

window.scrollTo(0, 1);
function setImageSize() {
    var windowWidth = $(window).width();
    var windowHeight = $(window).height();

    $('.photo-slide img').each(function() {
        var width = $(this).attr('data-width');
        var height = $(this).attr('data-height');

        if (width > windowWidth) {
            var ratio = windowWidth / width;
            width = windowWidth;
            height = height * ratio;

        if (height > windowHeight) {
            var ratio = windowHeight / height;
            height = windowHeight;
            width = width * ratio;

        var marginTop = 0;
        var marginLeft = 0;

        if (windowHeight > height) {
            marginTop = (windowHeight - height) / 2;
        if (windowWidth > width) {
            marginLeft = (windowWidth - width) / 2;


Has anyone come across this before? How do I fix this so the image fills the screen when the url bar is not visible.

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If you call setImageSize() in a setTimeout set to something like 100 milliseconds, does the iPhone then give you the correct screen height? I recall this being an issue a while ago.

Alternatively couldn't you use window.navigator.userAgent.indexOf('iPhone') to check if it is an iPhone, and then add the URL bar height onto the image height?

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Welcome to SO. You should add suggestions/troubleshooting as comments to the question, unless you have a definite answer to provide. See and for more information. – Scott Feb 28 '13 at 12:03
Ok thanks, wasn't entirely sure how it worked, as I couldn't see a comment button or anything. I guess I don't have enough rep to comment directly to the question. – Rick Smith Mar 1 '13 at 11:59

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