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i have three table like:

table 1:


table 2:


table 3:


what i need in result is:


initially i check only the first two table taking, from table1 all the rows and from table2 the column G in that rows that satisfy the condition table1.A = table2.A

something like:

SELECT `table1`.*,`table2`.`G` FROM `table1` INNER JOIN `table2` WHERE `table1`.`A`=`table2`.`A`

My problem now is to take column H from table3 using like key value G that satisfy old condition. i hope my question is a little bit clear.. can someone help me? thanks!

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SELECT `table1`.*,`table2`.`G`,`table3`.`H`
FROM `table1` 
INNER JOIN `table2` ON `table1`.`A`=`table2`.`A`
INNER JOIN `table3` ON `table2`.`G`=`table3`.`G`
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as the fieldname is same in both tables, you can use USIGNG (`A`) insted of ON `table1`.`A`=`table2`.`A` –  Puggan Se Jul 18 '12 at 12:46
very simple!!! thanks!!!! 6 minutes and i accept your answer! :D –  JackTurky Jul 18 '12 at 12:49
grazie peppe :D –  JackTurky Jul 18 '12 at 13:50

This is the most simple way to do it with implicit inner joins.

SELECT T1.A, T1.B, T1.C, T1.D, T3.H 
FROM `table1` T1, `table2` T2, `table3` T3 
WHERE T1.A = T2.A AND T2.G = T3.G
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Try this:

  `table1` AS `t1`
  `table2` AS `t2`
  ON `t1`.`id` = `t2`.`t1_id`
  `table3` AS `t3`
  ON `t1`.`id` = `t2`.`t2_id` (or join with table 2 I dont know)
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select table1.A,table1.B,table1.C,table1.D,table3.H from table1,table2,table3 where table1.A=table2.A AND table2.G=table3.G

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