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So I use something like:

var o = myclass.o; // o is a property and o is a structure not class
o.modifyInternalParameter(a, b, c); // a, b, c were created somewhere before
myclass.o = o; // as you can see o has getter and setter.

how to create a functional wrapper to rather than call 3 code lines call some

func(myclass.o, TypeOfO.modifyInternalParameter, {a, b, c}, returnValueIfmodifyInternalParameterHasOne);


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This isn't even valid C# code. –  millimoose Jul 18 '12 at 12:56
Is the inner object a struct i.e. by-value semantics? If not, you could directly invoke yourclass.o.Modify(params) to modify the inner object. If it is, then you can code up a yourclass.ModifyO(params) that wraps the three lines internally. –  Gishu Jul 18 '12 at 13:03

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I would have modifyInternalParameter return itself or make a static method to do that for you, then you could write something like:

(returning itself, well, copy of itself, but the modified copy)
myclass.o = myclass.o.modifyInternalParameter(a, b, c)

myclass.o = ModifyInternalParameters(myclass.o, a, b, c)

So your internal method might look like:

public MyStruct modifyInternalParameter(object a, object b, object c)
    this.A = a;
    this.B = b;
    this.C = c;
    return this;

Can do something similar with the static version.

EDIT: You could also create an extension method (or a method on myclass) do to this for you internally:

myclass.ModifyInternalParametersOnO(a, b, c)

Where you might have:

public static void ModifyInternalParametersOnO(this MyClass myclass, object a, object b, object c)
    var o = myclass.o;
    o.modifyInternalParameters(a, b, c);
    myclass.o = o;
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