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I need to be able to customise the rails devise mailer view for reset password instructions.

for this I need to do two things.

  1. Specify a custom URL for the link, so that its a host/domain based on a certain business logic. This host and domain comes from the URL in the browser, i.e. the request object, when the user clicks forgot password. So I do not have the request object in delayed_job to process it as I need, hence I need to be able to do this at some point in the delayed_job that is sending the email.

  2. Pass custom variables to the mailer view, so that I can add in various other logic for the view, hiding and showing bits as I need.

Can anyone help? I can see that you can generate the mailer views for devise, but I need to be able pass over various items to it also. Do I need to somehow override the functions myself in my User model and password controller for example?

Any tips or pointers would be greatly appreciated!


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so, after much ado and searching and hacking around with stuff... this is just not possible. so I ended up writing my own mailer and bypassing the devise reset password methods in the controllers, to generate my own reset token, set my variables I needed, called my usermailer.... and embedded the devise url in my mail to get it back calling devise once the password reset link was clicked, and all was fine then....

I hated having to rewrite the logic, but in the end its the quickest and cleanest solution.

One approach that nearly worked, was using a non activerecord attribute on my user model to store the bits I needed and "hacking" that into the @resource in the devise view, but it was causing some grief in devise doing so, as a result, I went with the option above...

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I needed to add a source to be included into the reset password view, here's what I implemented:

class User < ActiveRecord::Base
  prepend ResetPasswordWithSource

  devise :recoverable


module User::ResetPasswordWithSource
  def send_reset_password_instructions(source=nil)
    @source = source

  def send_devise_notification(notification, *args)
    args.last.merge!({ source: @source })

From here you can just call user.send_reset_password_instructions('special_source')

And can access in views via @options[:source] = 'special_source'

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