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I have a PHP web application which is originally in Polish. But I was asked to locale it into Russian. I've decided to use gettext. But I've problem when I'm trying to translate string with Polish special characters. For example:

echo gettext('Urządzenie');

Display "Urządzenie" in web browser instead of word in Russian. All files are encoded in UTF-8 and .po file was generated with --from-code utf-8 . Translations without Polish special chars such as

echo gettext('Instrukcja');

works well. Do you know what could be the reason of this strange behaviour?

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Are you sure the PHP file is in UTF-8 format? To verify, try this:

echo bin2hex('Urządzenie');

You should see the following bytes:

55 72 7a c4 85 64 7a 65 6e 69 65

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Yes, echo bin2hex('Urządzenie'); prints: 55727ac485647a656e6965 –  ghi Jul 18 '12 at 18:06

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