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I have 2 team project in Visual Studio that have some shared code between them.

Is it possible to have a reference or some kind of link from 1 team project to the other?

Notice that 1 team project may be mapped to one folder and the other to another folder where they both don't have shared path so that making a relative link wont cut it. Thanks!

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Sounds like you need some version control? – KingCronus Jul 18 '12 at 13:32
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To share binaries, add Team Project 1 output to Team Project 2 Lib/3rd Party folder.

Team Project 1


Team Project 2

$/Project2/Dev/SomeProduct/SomeProduct.Common/ <-- sources here

I you're looking to share code, then I'd advise you to reconsider your source control strategy as you will face either one of the two issues:

  1. Managing duplicated source code
  2. Syncronizing the same code between different projects

Either way won't lead to anything manageable. Instead invest your efforts towards binary sharing.

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