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Is there a way to test JavaScript keyboard event handlers (for keypress, keyup, keydown events)?

I know I can declare event handlers like this:

function keyUpEvHandler(e) {
    ... // code here


and then just run this function in unit tests, but I will have to prepare event argument object to be the same as passed when actual key is pressed:

var e = {keyCode: 70, ...};

Is there any way to trigger this event and pass key code as an argument or something similar? Unfortunately jQuery trigger() docs doesn't cover keyboard events.

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You can pass arbitrary data through the event object.

The docs:

var event = jQuery.Event("logged");
event.user = "foo";
event.pass = "bar";

What you can do:

var event = jQuery.Event("keyup");
event.keyCode = 72;

This way, the event passed to the handler(s) will have the keyCode set to whatever you want.

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That works great. Thanks. – RaYell Jul 20 '09 at 16:23
Good answer, but this does not seem to work with triggerEvent(), which is more useful when testing for the return value of a handler. – Max Shawabkeh Aug 10 '10 at 18:07

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