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In my new project, I have a resource Bet which other users can only read if they are the owners of the bet or friends of him. The main problem comes when I want to define abilities for the index action. In an index action, the block does not get executed, so I guess it's not an option.

Let's illustrate it. If I wanted only the owner to be able to index the bets, this would be enough:

can :read, Bet, :user => { :id => }

But I need the acceptable ids to be a range, one defined by all the friends of the user. Something like:

if (bet.user == user) || (bet.user.friends.include? user)
    can :read, Bet

But this is not correct CanCan syntax.

I guess that a lot of people has had problems with CanCan and nested resources, but I still haven't seen any answer to this.

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In your Bet model, create a method:

def is_accessible_by? (user)
    owner = self.user
    owner == user || owner.friends.include?(user)

Now in ability.rb, set your CanCan permission:

can :read, Bet { |bet| bet.is_accessible_by?(user) }


As you point out, since index actions don't have an instance of the object, the block above won't get executed.

However, it sounds like what you are trying to do - list the bets owned by the user or their friends - should not be handled using CanCan or permissions. I would create a function in my User model:

def bet_listings
    friend_bets = friends.inject([]){ |bets, friend| bets<<friend.bets; bets }
    self.bets + friend_bets

Then in your index action: @bets = user.bet_listings

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It does not work. The conditions in an ability blocks are not used in actions like index. – Gawyn Jul 18 '12 at 14:23
You are correct , I didn't read your question closely :( I'll give one more suggestion... – Amir Rubin Jul 18 '12 at 14:43

Just now I have found a solution, but I don't like it much. It's about creating a custom action and defining abilities for it. For example...

In the controller:

def index
  authorize! :index_bets, @user

In ability.rb:

can :index_bets, User do |friend|
  user == friend || user.friends.include?(friend)

It works, but I don't feel great about using it. Isn't out there anything more elegant?

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