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Ok so this may be because I'm not understanding Oracle XE very well.

Basically I've installed Oracle XE onto an Amazon EC2 micro instance following this guide;


Everything works fine, I logged into my-ec2-elastic-ip:9090/apex/apex_admin and created a "workspace" (whatever that is, I thought I was creating a database here?)

I can then go back to the my-ec2-elastic-ip:9090/apex url and log into the workspace.


However now when I come to use SQL Developer to try and connect to the database I enter the following;

Connection Name: Test (just a label right? nothing to do with the workspace name?)
username: admin (username created for the workspace, correct?)
password: <password> (password for above user?)
hostname: <my-ec2-elastic-ip>
port: 1521
sid: xe (is this correct?)

It seems to connect fine but it repeatedly says the username/password is wrong. But its not, I've been very careful!

I've even created another user with a very simple name in the workspace and set their password to just "a" after disabling the password rules in apex/admin. Still I get the username/password wrong?

Whats going on? I assume I've set everything like ports etc up ok since I can get into apex and apex/admin just fine. But why does it complain about the username/password being wrong??

Have I not actually created a database yet?

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You might well have created a database instance but when you create a workspace this does not necessarily equate to creating a database user.

Go into the main workspace page and navigate to "Administration" -> "Dashboards" and go to the "Database" tab screen.

What is the value of the dropdown "Schema" field?

This is the schema that Apex is looking at. If it's SYS or SYSTEM you need to create a database user via the SQL Workshop screens of log into your database instance as the SYS or SYSTEM user (as sysdba) and create a new database user to point your Apex workspace at.

(N.B. If you created a database instance it would have asked you for the SYS and SYSTEM passwords when you created it, if not, see this thread for how to reset them).

Hope it helps...

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