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I am trying to run the cspade function in the arulesSequences package in R. After I successfully read in my transactions using read_baskets, I try to execute the cspade function against the transactions object I read in.

However, when I execute the command, I obtain an error: system invocation failed. Specifically, here is the output.

 preprocessing ... 1 partition(s), 1.2 MB [0.23s]
 mining transactions ...Error in cspade(table, parameter = list(support = 0.1), control =         list  (verbose = TRUE)) : 
 system invocation failed

The presence of "mining transactions" indicates that the following function call in the cspade code is failing.

  if (system2(file.path(exe, "spade"), args = c("-i", file, 
  "-s", parameter@support, opt, "-e", nop, "-o"), stdout = out)) 
  stop("system invocation failed"). 

For reference, I can successfully generate sequences using the example zaki dataset.

Does anyone have any idea why that command might be failing?



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See link above, caveats section and lower your support threshold.

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