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I'm working on an application and when you load the device and run it behaves normally.

How long remains open in the background works fine (I mean when you close it and reopen - without a background removed).

When you delete an application in background and open, it "loses" the functionality.

For example I have a scroll containing a screen populated with more "cells" and when you touchupdown behave exactly as if the icons on the devices from Apple (shaking and you can move / delete) .

After I deleted the application of background only a single "cell shaking" and perhaps moved.

Can someone help me with some advice? Is there any method to be implemented like "applicationWillEnterForeground" in case the application is reopened in a situation similar to reopen in the background.

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Please try to rephrase your question. At least for me, as it currently stands, this question is hard to understand. – Till Jul 18 '12 at 14:21
have to implement something similar to Apple in the sense that a menu comprised of many "cells" / "categories" will have to behave exactly as the upa iPhone / Ipad (you can reorder them and delete them from the menu). Strangely that behaves normally for the first run (either on device or simulator), then you run it again (the simulator) if you delete the background application after device does not behave like the cells (not vibrating all and you can not reorder) . We run the models both debug and release. I deallocate memory, I did clean the project, I restarted the PC, and iPad's Xcode. – Tyrone Prude Jul 18 '12 at 14:41
Sorry, I still do not understand your problem. – Till Jul 18 '12 at 14:46

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