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I am integrating my iOS app with facebook. I want to authenticate and send requestWithGraphPath at the same time. How can i do that? Write now i am using following code:

 if (!facebook.isSessionValid) {
            NSLog(@"in else login button tapped");
            NSArray *permissions = [[NSArray alloc] initWithObjects:
            [facebook authorize:permissions];
            [permissions release];

            [facebook requestWithGraphPath:@"me" andDelegate:self]; 

but after requestWithGraphPath is called. My app keep waiting. but next time when i come again and press button then it works fine. Can authenticate and requestWithGraphPath work at the same time when facebook.isSessionValid is false? Thanks in advance.

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After you have authorized, if you've setup the delegate properly. And the user comes back to your app, the method:

 -(void)fbDidLogin {


Should trigger, and there you can request the graphPath.

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