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i'd like to run a python script with different ini files

I put some variable's in an ini.py and than i would like to run my program.py with this inifile.

I tried something like:

in batch-> program.py ini

from sys.argv[1] import *


eval('from '+sys.argv[1]+' import *')

but this doesn't work.

now I wrote:

import sys
f = open('outp.py','w')
f.write("from "+sys.argv[1]+" import *\n")
f.write("print x\n")
with open('program.py', 'r') as content_file:
    content = content_file.read()

execfile( "outp.py")

basicly rewriting my program file with an extra import statment.... there is an easier way i hope?! (not neccesarely in batch) thx

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For parsing INI files, you can use the configparser standard library module in Python.

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You can use the __import__ function.

my_module=__import__('os')  #basically the same as `import os as my_module`

Of course, you can't do from blah import * with this, but many people would argue that you shouldn't use that idiom in production code anyway.

However, if you just want to set a few variables, you should instead consider a commandline parsing utility, or a config file parser (configparser, argparse and optparse all come to mind -- all in the standard library) as this will prevent users from running untrusted code.

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