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I got a table of ids from 1 to 1000. How can I select to rows from my table and insert the result in to two variables that I declare?

Some thing like this:

Select from table1 where id = 1 or id = 27 into var1, var2
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You can do that, but you need to confirm to the following two limitations:

  1. The result set must contain exactly one row
  2. The row must contain exactly two columns

See this:

SELECT 'foo', 4 FROM DUAL INTO @a, @b;

SELECT @a, @b;
| @a   | @b   |
| foo  |    4 |

And also possible:

SELECT MIN(id), MAX(Population) FROM world.City INTO @min_id, @max_pop;

SELECT name, population FROM world.Country LIMIT 1 INTO @name, @pop;
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My answer does not actually relate well to the query. Puggan's is. –  Shlomi Noach Jul 18 '12 at 15:03
    @var1 := MAX(IF(id = 1, some_field, NULL)),
    @var2 := MAX(IF(id = 27, some_field, NULL))
FROM table
WHERE id IN (1,27);
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