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After reading Internals of Dependeny Property in WPF I am wondering how Dependeny Properties are implemented in Silverlight for WP7. For the investigation Reflector and Dlls from xda forum were used.


A DependencyProperty maintains a static reference of all the DependencyProperty you register in WPF object hierarchy. It maintains a HashTable named PropertyFromName which it uses internally to get the DependencyProperty object. So in other word, each dependencyProperty object is registered in a global HashTable.

In Silverlight for WP7 DependencyProperties have almost the same global HashTable (actually it is

static Dictionary<Type, Dictionary<string, DependencyProperty>> _registeredProperties 


But after looking through the source code of the GetValue and SetValue methods of the DependencyObject class I see that _registeredProperties is not used at all.

Does anybody know why it is implemented in such a way? Or maybe I've missed anything? Thank you in advance.

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I think you're missing something indeed. The _registeredProperties dictionary (and whichever equivalent it has in WPF) is used to retrieve a dependency property by its name. It's used mainly for the binding mechanism (where the framework has to retrieve the DP from an expression like {Binding Path=PropertyName}).

When you're in GetValue or SetValue, you already have a reference to the DP (it's the first parameter of the method). Therefore, _registeredProperties is useless there. GetValue and SetValue both use another dictionary, _valueTable, of type Dictionary<DependencyProperty, EffectiveValueEntry>. _valueTable is the actual collection associating a value to a DP.

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You are right, @KooKiz. Thanks! Maybe you also know why values of CoreDependencyProperty are stored somewhere by using native call while values of CustomAttachedDependencyProperty and CustomDependencyProperty are stored inside the _valueTable field of the DependencyObject class? – Andrei Schneider Jul 18 '12 at 20:43
Can't say for sure. It's probably because some controls, like the WebBrowser, are just wrappers around native controls. So it's probably easier for those controls to have native dependency properties. – KooKiz Jul 19 '12 at 17:48
Good idea, @KooKiz, thx. – Andrei Schneider Jul 22 '12 at 17:08

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