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I've got a project set up where I'm using KnockoutJS along with the Twitter Bootstrap framework. I have a screen with a list of data. Clicking on one of the rows allows the user to edit the row's data in a modal dialog.

But when I hit the "Save" button on the modal, nothing happens. Even if I manually call the validate function, nothing happens.

My guess is it has something to do with the KnockoutJS template binding. I would imagine that the jQuery Validation plugin parses the whole document when the DOM is loaded, but the KnockoutJS template binding for contents of the dialog don't happen until the user clicks the "edit" button.

I've tried adding the "validate" call inside the "edit" function, but that doesn't seem to help, either.

Here is a similar question, but I'm not using the unobtrusive version of the jQuery Validation plugin, so the response doesn't work for me. Is there a similar solution using just the plain-jane version of the jQuery Validation plugin?

EDIT: I've removed all the inline code and created a jsFiddle that reproduces the problem: http://jsfiddle.net/KaCMa/4/

There are two lines of code that I have currently commented out. The way it is set up right now, it works as I would expect. The dialog opens and if you hit the "save" button, it will highlight the fields in green/red as valid/invalid. The problem, however, is that when you uncomment the lines, it is semi-broken. As I stated above, I believe KnockoutJS is interfering with the jQuery Validation plugin.

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The validate plugin is not looking at the id, but the name of the input fields. Add name="inputLastName" to your input element. See demo source code for reference. – Sparky Jul 18 '12 at 14:57
I was really hoping that was my problem, but it's not. I've added name attributes and am still having the exact same problem. – user1438940 Jul 19 '12 at 14:23
Then you'll have to create a live example of your problem using something like jsFiddle. – Sparky Jul 19 '12 at 16:18
I've updated the original question with a link to the jsFiddle that reproduces the problem – user1438940 Jul 21 '12 at 3:55
did you find a solution? – jgauffin Dec 26 '13 at 22:54

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