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I have job A which trigger build on the basis of commit, after completion of job A, job B will get triggered as downstream job.

IN my case both job A and B send email notification.

How can i configure like job A trigger job B so that after successful completion of job B , i wanted to send email notification to the committer of job A aswellas global recipient.

Can any one help me regarding this?

Thanks in Advance

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1. Try the Blame Upstream Committers plugin.

2. If you trigger Job-B via "trigger parameterized build" from Job-A, then you can pass any information from Job-A to Job-B.

(for that one, I am not sure how the committer is saved - please advise the plugin you use and if the committer is listed as an environment variable of some sort).

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I am not using parameterized plugin, but just giving build one project after another. So completion of job A will go to job B. I am using email-ext plugin for notification. I need to know about some fingerprinting which will share info between jobs. But i am not getting how to implement this? – varghese Jul 19 '12 at 6:49
It should work even with the simpler triggering of jobs - please read the explanation in the plugin I have mentioned above. – Gonen Jul 19 '12 at 15:34

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