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I am using paperclip for uploading images in my rails application.

I have 2 models 'Image' and 'Book' where one book can have many Images and image belongs_to Book. In my 'images' table, I have 4 columns:

  • id
  • book_id
  • data_file_path
  • data_file_name

column 'data_file_path' stores the path of the image and column 'data_file_name' stores the image name and extension

In my image.rb file, I have the following lines of code:

has_attached_file :data, :path => "",
                         :url =>    ""

Notice the ':data_file_path' in the code above.

In my view, when i do <> i get the following path: 

Instead of retrieving the data_file_path value from the d-base, it's displaying the variable name.

How to I get the data_file_path value in the url.

Thanks a lot for your precious help. I have struggling with that since a while now.

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Ah, I finally figured it out. I needed to use Paperclip.interpolates.

I added the following in config/initializers/paperclip.rb file

  Paperclip.interpolates :data_file_path do |attachment, style|

Then just add 'data_file_path' to the path in image.rb:

has_attached_file :data, :path => "",
                         :url =>    ""

Hope this might be of help to somebody else :) cheers

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