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Simple question. I have a C# application that access an IMAP server using the AE.Net.Mail library to retrieve messages and attached files. Sometimes, when a message is sent from Outlook the attachments are contained in a file named winmail.dat. That is a file in the TNEF format.

Is there a library or any other way for my application to "unpack" theses files so I can get the attachments?

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I've found this tool that can be controled from the command line to extract attacheemnts, from a TNEF file, but I would really prefer a library that would run "in process".

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I accepted my own answer because that is what I eventually used, but feel this is more an effective hack rather than a solution. – Mathieu Pagé Jul 28 '12 at 3:32

A quick search leads to this : Yerase's TNEF Stream Reader

The project has source code, you can either reproduce it in C# or make a small C# (or better, C++/CLI) wrapper to use it.

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I had the same problem and ended up creating an entire email library for .NET called OpaqueMail.

It has support for parsing TNEF-encoded files (e.g. Winmail.dat) via its TnefEncoding class.

Check out this example.

// Instantiate a TNEF Encoding object to process the byte array "tnefEncoddedBytes".
TnefEncoding tnefEncoding = new TnefEncoding(tnefEncodedBytes);

// Loop through the TNEF-encoded attachments, outputting their names, content types, and sizes.
foreach (MimePart mimePart in tnefEncoding.MimeAttachments)
    Console.WriteLine("MIME Part Name: " + mimePart.Name);
    Console.WriteLine("MIME Part Content Type: " + mimePart.ContentType);
    Console.WriteLine("MIME Part Size: " + mimePart.BodyBytes.Length);
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I've just recently implemented TNEF support in MimeKit which is based on Microsoft's Exchange TNEF API, thus allowing full access to all of the data contained within.

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TnefReader Class could be of help.

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I found this during my research. Unfortunately, the dll containing the Microsoft.Exchange namespace is not redistributable. – Mathieu Pagé Jul 19 '12 at 3:46

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