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I am load testing web applications to compare performance of different rendering engines with the goal to rate NDjango view engine (an implementation of the Django Template Language on the .NET platform NDjango ).

I compare Django with ASP and ASP.MVC rendering technology.

Can you recommend me some other rendering engines that really worth investigating and to looking at (besides KHTML,WebKit,Gecko)?

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KHTML, WebKit and Gecko are web browser rendering engines and not web application rendering engines.

Of course you have a number of approaches on Windows: roll-your-own, WebForms, MVC, any number of other technologies such as Drupal, PHP, CakePHP, Ruby on Rails, etc.

So far, to me the clear winner in all of this is ASP.NET MVC. It strikes a good balance between performance and functionality. If you don't like the view rendering engine you can write your own by implementing IViewEngine or deriving a class from VirtualPathProviderViewEngine. In addition, there are a number of third-party View Engines such as Spark, NHaml, NVelocity and Brail. I personally stick with the standard View Engine and get great performance.

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Thanks!Your answer is helpfull - I'll have a look at some of the third parties's rendering engines or maybe try to roll my owm sometime –  Sasha Vlasova Jul 21 '09 at 8:02