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Trying to read in a dat file from dropbox that updates every fifteen minutes. It looks like this...

"TOA5","CR1000","CR1000","47076","CR1000.Std.24","CPU:5TTT_3PU22_TEST_20120315.CR1","15651" ,"PU22_TTT_15sec"
"TS","RN","Volts","Deg C","W m-2","W m-2","W m-2","Deg C","Deg C","Deg C","Deg C","Deg  C"
"2012-03-22 15:03:00",0,13.06085,25.37116,9.496098,-0.8079164,-3.738503,28.75752,36.7702,25.7909,25.06387,23.96527
"2012-03-22 15:04:00",1,13.06085,25.37116,7.844382,-0.7846888,-3.73016,28.79498,36.7326,25.7811,25.0417,24.03581
"2012-03-22 15:05:00",2,13.06085,25.37116,-0.1992564,-0.7473211,-3.728087,28.99177,36.68414,25.77197,25.0267,24.14971
"2012-03-22 15:06:00",3,13.06085,25.37116,-7.646142,-0.7473215,-3.697117,29.50359,36.64194,25.76409,25.05287,24.05582

The first four lines are text that I would like to leave as a string. After these lines is the data, I want to separate the data by comma so that I am left with 11 columns of data so that I can graph this data. I have started off with this script in an attempt to read in the text file.

<title>Import Data</title>
<script type="text/javascript">
file =fopen(getScriptPath("CR1000_PU22_TTT_15sec.dat"),0);
file_length = flength(CR1000_PU22_TTT_15sec.dat);
content = fread(file,flength);
document.getElementById("myDIV").innerText = content;
<div id="myDIV"></div>
return readIT('myDIV');

I am not sure if this code works but after this I have no clue how to try and organize the data into columns. Any help in changing the code for reading in the data would help greatly.

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Javascript doesn't have an fopen. Have you tried using a table? –  Waleed Khan Jul 18 '12 at 16:25
I have tried a table but I am having trouble removing the first four lines of text at the beginning of the document. –  Aaron Thomas Jul 20 '12 at 14:03

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