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Is there any way to read redis value and store it into nginx variable?

I want to use it for multi-domain website, where subdomains will point to different IPs. All the subdomains will be stored in redis like this:

"subdomain" => "address_for_proxy_pass"

So what I need is to parse subdomain (done), store it into variable (done) and than make redis query (done) and store the result into variable. How to do this easily?

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Can't you just generate nginx config and use it? Or do you want to query redis on each page request? – Sergio Tulentsev Jul 18 '12 at 16:11
Hi, Sergio! I want to query redis only if subdomain is present. And subdomains will be dynamically added so I can't generate config each time new subdomain is created. – makaroni4 Jul 18 '12 at 16:13

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set_by_lua + ngx.location.capture?

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Yep! I wrote to @agentzh and he gave me a good advice: – makaroni4 Jul 19 '12 at 8:14

lua-resty-redis can not be used in set_by_lua -

But, $foobar can be set directly in lua via ngx.var.foobar using access_by_lua. Details are available here: (thanks to the OP and comments).

The variable must be initialized - set $myvar ''

  # initialize variable
  set $backend '';

  access_by_lua '
  local redis = require "resty.redis"
  local red = redis:new()
  -- these ENV vars must be initialized with `env` keyword
  red:connect(os.getenv("REDIS_PORT_6379_TCP_ADDR"), os.getenv("REDIS_PORT_6379_TCP_PORT"))
  local res, err = red:get(ngx.var.appid)
  -- set the variable directly
  ngx.var.backend = res

  proxy_pass http://$backend;
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