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I have a GList which contains a collection of GSList. This GSlist contains a collection of GString. When I free the whole GList, I get segmentation fault.

Now check the following code.

GList *m_rows = NULL;
m_rows = mysql_multiple_rows(mysql, sql1->str);

g_list_foreach(m_rows, mysql_storage_load_settings, &data);
mysql_free_multiple_rows(m_rows); /// <----------------------- works just fine

m_rows = mysql_multiple_rows(mysql, sql2->str);

    g_list_foreach(m_rows, mysql_storage_load_accounts, &data);
    mysql_free_multiple_rows(m_rows); /// <----------------------- Segmentation fault!
    fprintf(stderr, "\e[31m\tUser has no account!\e[0m");

So m_rows are only allocated using g_string_new(), g_slist_prepend() and g_list_prepend(). g_string_new() creates new GString and added to a GSList. all the resultant GSList then get added to GList. It happens in mysql_multiple_rows function.

They are free'd using mysql_free_multiple_rows. This function just does the reverse.

See the clean up functions.

static void mysql_free_multiple_rows(GList *table){
    g_list_free_full(table, mysql_free_single_row);
static void mysql_free_single_row(gpointer data){
    g_slist_free_full(data, msyql_free_single_row_field); // data here is GSlist
static void msyql_free_single_row_field(gpointer data){
    g_string_free(data, TRUE); // data here is GString actually

Could anyone tell me why I am getting this error? As both the memory allocation and de-allocation sequence are same I have no clue why its happening.

  1. Valgrind output
  2. Source file
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I think we need to see more code, at least some of mysql_storage_load_accounts(). Does it have some error conditions? – Michał Górny Jul 18 '12 at 16:25
@MichałGórny I have updated the question. See the last link – Jul 18 '12 at 16:35
Unless I'm missing something, you seem to be freeing password in mysql_storage_load_accounts(). I don't see any special handling for it, so my first guess would be that it gets freed twice. – Michał Górny Jul 18 '12 at 16:53
omg! that was it. I failed to see that line. could you post it as an answer @MichałGórny – Jul 18 '12 at 17:10

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Looking at the code, you seem to be freeing password in mysql_storage_load_accounts(). However, I don't see any special handling for it, so my guess would be that it gets freed twice.

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