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Basically, my question is the same as this one, but for Java's (JBoss) Hibernate: How can we order a column as int using hibernate criteria API?

I want to create an order restriction with a cast to int from a string column. Something like

criteria.addOrder(Order.asc("cast(id as int)"));

The exception is "Could not resolve property: cast(id as int) of [Class]". I've tried both cast( as ) and convert(,) with int and integer.

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Despite the topic is old and may be the problem were solved, I'll post solution. Maybe it will be helpful in future for someone.

criteria.addOrder(new org.hibernate.criterion.Order("anystring", true) {
            public String toSqlString(Criteria criteria, CriteriaQuery criteriaQuery) throws HibernateException {
                return "cast(id as int)";
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If the column contains integer values, the best solution is to map it as an integer rather than a String.

If, for obscure reasons, this is not possible, you could add a integer field annotated with @Formula("cast(id) as number") in your entity and order on this field.

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Due generic calls and having some tables with string identifiers, it was decided to convert everything to String. Anyway, I'm not being able to use the Formula annotation due to error exceptions on the maven build (in the hibernate3-maven-plugin), so I can't test it and I'll just leave this issue on stand-by. Tks – spnbldk Jul 18 '12 at 16:25
it should be @Formula("cast(id as NUMBER(10,0))") – jtomaszk Jul 8 '13 at 8:51

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