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How do i convert a oracle varchar value to number


table - exception
exception_value 555 where exception_value is a varchar type

I would like to test the value of exception_value column

select * from exception where exception_value = 105 instead of
select * from exception where exception_value = '105'
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4 Answers 4

select to_number(exception_value) from exception where to_number(exception_value) = 105

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You have to use the TO_NUMBER function:

select * from exception where exception_value = to_number('105')
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Since the column is of type VARCHAR, you should convert the input parameter to a string rather than converting the column value to a number:

select * from exception where exception_value = to_char(105);
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If you want formated number then use

SELECT TO_CHAR(number, 'fmt')

SELECT TO_CHAR('123', 999.99)

Result 123.00

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