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Hello all what I would like to know is it even possible to change the Color of the top bar in this UITableView ( the nav + toolbar )(code wise).


Another question concerning the top bar , how do they manage to remove the backbutton like here item 1 is the one I want to remove code wise.


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1) Pull up the Tools->Attribute Inspector for you UINavigationBar in interface builder. Adjusting the Style and Tint attributes, among others, is the way that I have created many of my navigation bars.

2) If you would rather not see the back button, you can simply use the built in hide mechanism (from UINavigationItem reference):

setHidesBackButton:animated: Sets whether the back button is hidden, optionally animating the transition.

-(void)setHidesBackButton:(BOOL)hidesBackButton animated:(BOOL)animated

Parameters: hidesBackButton YES if the back button is hidden when this navigation item is the top item; otherwise, NO.

animated YES to animate the transition; otherwise, NO.

It would look like this:

[theNavBarItem setHidesBackButton:YES animated:false];

What's handy is that this sets a BOOL property that should keep the back bar hidden.

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super thnx man... works good –  jovany Jul 21 '09 at 8:49
If you found this to work, can you "up" the answer? –  TahoeWolverine Jul 21 '09 at 12:12
+1 exactly what I was looking for. –  Luther Baker Dec 10 '09 at 3:50

This is not about the UITableView but, a navigation controller. There are many samples and guides out there on using table views in navigation controllers, including how to customize (e.g., the color of the top bar, or adding/removing/relabelling buttons).

One starting point is the apple website.


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