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I can't seem to manage to get this example to actually run. It just keeps saying no OpenID endpoints found. The sample is found inside the zip download of DotNetOpenAuth.

I am trying to run the OAuth2 project testing the OAuthAuthorizationServer. So I run the OAuthClient project, click on Interop with Authorization Server sample (Authorization code grant) and Resource Server using WCF w/ OAuth 2.0 Then select GetName and hit Request authorization.

It correctly redirects me to the OAuthAuthorizationServer and requests my open id. Here is where I am stuck. What openid's are it using? What openID can I enter as a test? I tried using my google openid, didn't work. I have no idea what to do after this point.

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If you start the OAuthAuthorizationServer (this is your AS) project you will see a log on link. This log on link opens the page /Account/LogOn. On the LogOn page you have a input box labeld OpenID. This is expecting the endpoint of your OpenID provider. In the case of Google enter https://www.google.com/accounts/o8/id . See others here OpenID endpoints

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