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I'm having a lot of parser errors from eclipse but I don't have these errors when I compile the code. How can I ignore them?

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Another gem in the vein of stackoverflow.com/questions/9199974/gcc-allow-undefined-symbols –  Seth Carnegie Jul 18 '12 at 17:13

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In the Indigo version of the CDT:

Project Settings -> C/C++ General -> Code Analysis

You can enable/disable specific errors and warnings, as well as customize inclusion and exclusion patterns for those warnings.

If you get a large number of "Type 'TYPE' could not be resolved" errors, perhaps you need to make sure Eclipse can find all your code and libraries. You might want to check:

C/C++ General -> Paths and Symbols

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Under Settings you can selectively turn off and on which errors it reports, and how it displays them.

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1 ]

  • Windows-->preferences-->type "anno" you will find annotation
  • Navigate(scroll) to warning section , uncheck vertical ruler and rest if you wish

other method

  • 2] go to project explorer right click any project you wish to disable/turn off warnings or such
  • --->properties ---> c/c++ settings-->tool settings--->search your compiler c or C++ and ---> navigate to warning section----uncheck all (/any checked) ------> build project and Voila warnings gone :)
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