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So I'm trying to login a user to Joomla through an AJAX call. Is there a login script already written that I can just pass username and password variables? Pretty much I am just looking to use the below script and want to just find the correct url to use. Is this possible?

$('body').delegate('#login', 'click', function(e){
    $username = $('#username').val();
    $password = $('#password').val();
        type: 'post',
        url: 'ineedthisurl.php',
        data: {username: $username, password: $password},
        success: function(responseData){
            window.location = $url;
        error: function(responseData){
            console.log('login script error');
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Found the relevant script in:


took a bit of playing around with but I got it working.

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thank you, it's great :) –  András Aug 14 '13 at 11:15

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