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I want to use the Facebook Graph API to search for exact page matches to "My String".

I tried - but it returns pages that match either "String" or "My".

How do I construct a search query that returns only exact matches to the quoted string?

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Currently, you can't. It's triaged on the wishlist.

So, you'll have to wrap the request, in Python :

import requests
query = 'My String'
r = requests.get('' % query)
result = r.json
result['data'] = [ item for item in result['data']
                   if query.lower() in item['name'].lower() ]
print [ item['name'] for item in result['data'] ]

Now you only have exact matches.

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try using Unicode, U+0200 is the space bar, so concatenate "My", U+0200, and "String". No clue if that works.

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