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I'm using the following code to count null values in my field called FirstName and display the results in a textbox. Can I add annother field "LastName" and have two results statements displayed in the textbox? I've worked on this for hours. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

intCountNull = DCount("*", "Scrubbed", "FirstName" & " Is Null")
TxtShowNull = intCountNull & " null values found in FirstName"
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I'm unsure how well I understand the question. Is this anything like what you're looking for?

intCountNullFirst = DCount("*", "Scrubbed", "FirstName Is Null")
intCountNullLast = DCount("*", "Scrubbed", "LastName Is Null")
strMsg = intCountNullFirst & " null values found in FirstName; " & _
    intCountNullLast & " null values found in LastName"
Me.TxtShowNull = strMsg 
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Thank you so much. This worked perfectly when I removed the " before the 3rd line of code: "intCountNullLast & " null values found in LastName" – JenPhyllisB Jul 18 '12 at 19:48
Oops. Fixed now. – HansUp Jul 18 '12 at 19:49

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