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I am working on a project with multiple MVC projects within it. I want to use StructureMap, but I am not sure how I can (or if it is even possible) to define an IOC container that can be reused by two global.asax files (one for each project). I do not want to have to define two IoC containers for each. Can this be done any other way?

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Assuming from your question that the configuration is the same, you could put your registration in a common registry:

public class CommonRegistry : Registry
    public CommonRegistry()
        // configuration here

Then just initialize it in each application:

ObjectFactory.Initialize(x =>
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(or if it is even possible)

No, that's not possible. The DI container stores objects in memory. Memory is per AppDomain. AppDomain is per application. Application is per Global.asax. So 2 Global.asax => 2 ASP.NET applications => 2 AppDomains => 2 different and unrelated memory regions. You could of course put your DI container configuration in a class library that will be reused by both ASP.NET applications.

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