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I'm trying to zip all the files contained in a directory using RubyZip. Here's what I have:

def bundle
      #create the ZIPfile with the title of (:id).zip
bundle_filename = "public/attachments/#{}/#{}.zip"

      #open the ZIPfile in order to add items in, Zip::ZipFile::CREATE) {
    Dir.foreach("public/attachments/#{}") do |item|
    t =
    zipfile.add(t, "public/attachments/#{}")

    #change permissions on ZIPfile
  File.chmod(0644, bundle_filename)

This succesfully executes the first line and creates the zip file with the correct name but it is not adding all the files contained in that directory. Any ideas?

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Are you sure that the Dir.foreach call is adding items? You could use Rails.logger to debug this. – tadman Jul 18 '12 at 18:21
Wohooo, is the same question from same user ;) – PriteshJ Jul 18 '12 at 18:26

Make your life easy and use command line functions in the ruby method:

In this implementation, I'm zipping a rails directory, so I access the full path to that directory with the help of Rails functions. You can specify the entire path yourself.

path = Rails.root.to_s + "/public/tmpFiles"
archive = path + "/"
puts "Path: #{path}"
puts "Archive: #{archive}"
`rm "#{archive}"` # remove the archive file, if it exists.
`zip -rj "#{archive}" "#{path}"` # zip the contents of the directory

This should create a zipfile called "" in the same directory that you zipped.

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I Don't know if this is the most correct way but this works for me. This zips all the files and folders from dir in zip

  require 'zip/zip'

   def bundle
      bundle_filename = ""
      FileUtils.rm "",:force => true
      dir = "testruby", Zip::ZipFile::CREATE) { |zipfile|
        Dir.foreach(dir) do |item|
          item_path = "#{dir}/#{item}"
          zipfile.add( item,item_path) if File.file?item_path
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