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I have an azure solution configured with one MVC4 web role, and two back-end web roles. I've been testing this on IISExpress, using internal http endpoints. This works well. I now want to test tcp endpoints, as those are what we will probably be using on Azure live, so I've changed the deployment option to use full IIS, since as I understand it, IISExpress does not support tcp bindings. I haven't yet made any changes to the endpoints, or altered anything else about the deployment. This results in a failure of the roleenvironment to initialize, and the 'role discover data is unavailable error'. I have this in the output window:

\Microsoft.Data.Services.Client.dll', Skipped loading symbols. Module is optimized and the   
debugger option 'Just My Code' is enabled.
'w3wp.exe' (Managed (v4.0.30319)): Loaded 'C:\Windows\assembly\GAC_32\msshrtmi  
Microsoft.WindowsAzure.ServiceRuntime Information: 100 : Role environment . INITIALIZING
Microsoft.WindowsAzure.ServiceRuntime Information: 100 : Role environment . INITIALED RETURNED.  
Microsoft.WindowsAzure.ServiceRuntime Error: 102 : Role environment . FAILED TO INITIALIZE
A first chance exception of type 'System.InvalidOperationException' occurred in    

All my instances are visible, both as sites under IIS and in the compute emulator. I don't see anything unusual in the emulator diagnostics, which look like this for the MVC4 web role, and similar for the WCF services:

[fabric] Role Instance: deployment17(123).Azure.Web.Test.0
[fabric] Role state Unhealthy
[Diagnostics]: UpdateState(Microsoft.WindowsAzure.Diagnostics.DiagnosticMonitorStartupInfo,    
Microsoft.WindowsAzure.Diagnostics.DiagnosticMonitorConfiguration, )
[Diagnostics]: Acquired mutex
[Diagnostics] Information: C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\dftmp\Resources\5911e3b3-15ce-4b36-ab50-
[Diagnostics] Information: D:\Work\CLIENTS\Test\Solutions\Test\Azure\csx\Debug\roles\Web.Test
\diagnostics\x64\monitor\MonAgentHost.exe -LocalPath "C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\dftmp\Resources
\5911e3b3-15ce-4b36-ab50-f04dda461e60\directory\DiagnosticStore\Monitor" -StaticConfigFile 
\DiagnosticStore\Monitor\Configuration\mastaticconfig.xml" -ConfigFile "C:\Users\User\AppData
\Configuration\maconfig.xml" -ShutDownEvent WADDM-ShutDown-38fb5936e7b14b058ae4a7c0b516945d 
-InitializedEvent WADM-StartUp-38fb5936e7b14b058ae4a7c0b516945d -parent 15308 -events
[Diagnostics]: Creating config channel server
[MonAgentHost] Output: Agent will exit when WADDM-ShutDown-38fb5936e7b14b058ae4a7c0b516945d is 
[MonAgentHost] Output: Will signal WADM-StartUp-38fb5936e7b14b058ae4a7c0b516945d after the agent 
is initialized.
[MonAgentHost] Output: Registered as an event consumer.
[MonAgentHost] Output: Agent will exit when parent process 15308 exits.
[MonAgentHost] Output: Monitoring Agent Started
[Diagnostics]: Starting configuration channel polling
[fabric] Role state Started
[runtime] Role entrypoint . CALLING   OnStart()
[runtime] Role entrypoint . COMPLETED OnStart()
[runtime] Role entrypoint . CALLING   Run()

Any idea what's causing this? Are there further configuration steps to get full IIS working?

Some more details about my environment:

Win 7 x64 | IIS 7.5 | Latest release of Azure SDK

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Where did you encounter this error? According to the diagnostics trace, the role is successfully started. Please try to debug your application to see if you can find more information. – Ming Xu - MSFT Jul 19 '12 at 14:40
Thanks for taking the time to comment. I have a controller which uses the following code at the beginning of a call: var endpoints = RoleEnvironment.Roles["UtilitiesRole"].Instances.Select(i => i.InstanceEndpoints["HttpInternal"]).ToArray(); - this works fine as long as I host in IISExpress. If I switch to full IIS7.5, it fails, with the error described above. – JcFx Jul 19 '12 at 16:39
Have you been able to fix this? If yes, how? – Carsten Schütte Jul 29 '13 at 22:14
No, never did. Ended up just using http on that project and testing with iis express. – JcFx Jul 30 '13 at 6:54

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To understand your problem, I created a MVC4 Web Role with HTTP/80 and Internal-HTTP (port-auto) endpoint and two Worker Role with internal TCP endpoints. I setup the following in each worker role:

var endpoints = RoleEnvironment.Roles["WorkerRole1"].Instances.Select(i => i.InstanceEndpoints["EndPoint11"]).ToArray();

var endpoints = RoleEnvironment.Roles["WorkerRole2"].Instances.Select(i => i.InstanceEndpoints["EndPoint12"]).ToArray();

And the following in MVC4 HomeController:

var endpoints = RoleEnvironment.Roles["MVCWebRole1"].Instances.Select(i => i.InstanceEndpoints["HttpInternal"]).ToArray();

I could run this scenario both with IISExpress and IIS7.5 without any problem.

If you just create a helloworld VS2010 solution (including your full configuration) which exhibit the problem, and share here, I sure can take a look and find a fix for you.

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My current configuration is different from yours. I have the MVC role and two web roles (not workers), listening on internal http ports. I'm on a deadline at the moment but as soon as I can, I'll put together the hello-world solution that you suggest, and report back. For now, as long as I host in IISExpress, everything works ok. – JcFx Jul 20 '12 at 6:40

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