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i have a very simple eclipse 3.6-based rcp application. i have an existing "Windows" menu to which i am trying to add "Reset Perspective..." sub-menu by creating a command entry with commandId value of org.eclipse.ui.window.resetPerspective. the sub-menu appears just fine, but it is disabled. could someone please help me with enabling it? thank you for your time!!!

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Try using the programmatic solution in your ApplicationActionBarAdvisor  class as following :

public class ApplicationActionBarAdvisor extends ActionBarAdvisor {

    private IWorkbenchAction resetPerspectiveAction;

    protected void makeActions(IWorkbenchWindow window) { 
        // ...
        // create and register the actions
        resetPerspectiveAction = ActionFactory.RESET_PERSPECTIVE.create(window);
        // ...

    protected void fillMenuBar(IMenuManager menuBar) {
        // ...
        // create and fill the window menu
        MenuManager windowMenu = new MenuManager("&Window", WorkbenchActionConstants.M_WINDOW);
        // ...
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thank you for the response, Kelibiano. because i already added the menu via plugin.xml, the code you provided within makeActions() function was enough for it to work. thank you! – user1056027 Jul 20 '12 at 3:20

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