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I have two windows computers that are both connected to the internet either through wifi or a 4G-LTE modem.

The first computer sends emails programatically to recipients when certain events occur that are related to my engineering project.

The issue comes with the second computer. I want to be able to create a program that will change certain things such as the email recipient list that the first computer is using to send emails.

Two C# applications on two different computers connected to the internet, how to communicate between these? Any suggestions would be awesome. I hope I explained enough.

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There are tons of options available. Here are two.

Option A

The email-sending computer could check a known URL to get the current list of email recipients, e.g. http://mycompany.com/emailRecipients. The contents of that known URL can be updated by the second computer using any of several approaches including FTP.

Option B

Personally I would create a web service that can accept the updated list of email recipients and write the new list where ever it needs to go on that computer.

The tricky part would be in finding the computer running the web service (and sending the emails) as the IP address will change frequently (being on a wireless carrier).

You can use a solution such as LogMeIn Hamachi to create a VPN with a stable IP address under those circumstances.

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Thank you for the suggestions, allow me to try. –  user1197993 Jul 18 '12 at 19:17

I recommend that you use a cloud-based message queue, such as Azure Message Queue or Amazon Simple Message Queue (here's a recent comparison). Cloud-based queues let you configure your apps with persistent server addresses.

If your computer's IP addresses are known ahead of time or you can use a shared machine as an address exchange then ZeroMQ is also a great choice, letting you usea request-response or publish-subscribe message sharing pattern.

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Pick "first computer" as server. Open a uncommon port like 20546 both from your router and application using Net.Sockets.TCPServer. The second computer can simply send string commands like "addtolist abc@somemail.com". The server can understand your commands if you use, lets say command.split(" ") and now the first element in string array is the command second one is the parameter. Everything can be done in this way.

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Both computers will not have a stable IP address since they are on a mobile network. –  Eric J. Jul 18 '12 at 19:04
Thank you. I will try this as well. –  user1197993 Jul 18 '12 at 19:17

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