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I'm not sure if this question is properly in the domain of SQL, MySQL, stored routines or even JDBC. Basically I want a SQL function that looks like:

INSERT IGNORE (id, data) INTO table
SELECT id FROM table WHERE `data` = data

This needs to be initiated from Java via raw SQL or a stored routine. This looks incredibly poor because if the insert ignore succeeds, it shouldn't have to follow right up with a SQL query to get what it just inserted. Note that id will be autogenerated. Best way to do this that's efficient on the # of SQL queries and readable and such? I don't really have any idea how efficient an INSERT IGNORE is.

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You can use LAST_INSERT_ID(), with a little bit of logic:

SELECT IF(LAST_INSERT_ID() <> 0, LAST_INSERT_ID(), (SELECT id FROM table WHERE `data` = data))


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