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I have two jsp pages. one.jsp and two.jsp. On one.jsp there is a form which have a submit button. User submits the form an action say find.action is executed and upon the success of which user navigates to two.jsp. find.action is mapped on struts.xml with defined success result. find.action is actioned with action class say FindMyString. In FindMyString there is an attribute say String mystring = "Hello from Action class"; I want to display value of 'mystring' attribute on two.jsp.

Please suggest some way to do this by providing suitable coding. Thanks.

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Your action needs a getter to expose any information that needs to be displayed in the JSP. So, start by creating a getMyString() method in your action. Then, you can output the value in JSP using either:


<s:property value="myString"/>


<c:out value="${action.myString}"/>
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yes it works. thanks. –  codeofnode Jul 19 '12 at 4:43

You can use OGNL to access field in action.

Here is a tutorial to get you started http://www.dzone.com/tutorials/java/struts-2/struts-2-example/struts-2-ognl-expression-language-example-1.html

Here is the documentation for OGNL http://struts.apache.org/

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