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Before I start, I know there are many alternatives to Lightbox2 (Lokesh Dhakar's) to display videos but I want to avoid using three different JavaScript things, already using MooTools and JQuery as I'd like to keep HTTP requests to a minimum, as well as disk usage.

As it comes, Lightbox2 does not support videos, full stop. However, I noticed that the JavaScript was essentially taking the contents of an a's href attribute and placing it in an img's src attribute when the light-box was open. As far as I can see, changing this img to an iframe (done) and setting the anchor tag's href to*video-id* should generate an iframe containing that YouTube video (replacing watch?id= with embed/ presents a full screen version of the video.

I then also added JavaScript for width, height and frameborder attributes on top of the default class="lb-image". Now when the page is loaded and the Lightbox called it creates an empty window. If you inspect the code you can see all the attributes are there but the page in the frame frame isn't loaded, just creating an empty head and body tag.

I was just wondering if it was a server problem or a code problem and if so, how to fix it. If there any way to make it work?


Note: I'm NOT using Drupal so the lightvideo option is not available.

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Enabling video support

By default, support for videos is disabled. However, this can be easily enabled by checking the enable video support option on admin/settings/lightbox2.

Basic Example

<a href="" rel="lightvideo">This Video</a>


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That's for Drupal. I'm not on Drupal. – Blieque Jul 20 '12 at 15:55

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