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Have a SAML2 Service Provider web application build on .NET MVC (3). We are using ComponentSpace's SAML2 library to do the authentication, not the Shibboleth SP. Here is the relevant controller logic:

public class SignOnController : Controller
    // constructor-inject _services

    public ActionResult SendAuthnRequest(string userName, string returnUrl)
        // this users ComponentSpace internally to push user to IdP
        return new EmptyResult();

    public ActionResult ReceiveAuthnResponse()
        var samlResponse = _services.SamleServiceProvider
        // ...
        return Redirect(samlResponse.RelayResourceUrl ?? defaultUrl);

Ultimately the user lands on either the relay url or the default login page. However when they click a link, then click the back button, the browser goes back to an error page on the Shibboleth IdP server. After that, the browser forward and back buttons ultimately become useless.

Am I doing something wrong in either of the above methods? Should I be returning a View() instead of an EmptyResult() when sending? Is there some way to reset the browser history to prevent repeated postbacks back to the IdP? Is this something that I can configure in ComponentSpace's implementation?

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So I understand that you hit back button during authentication in IdP i WBSSO SAML2 profile? I don't know components which you enumerated but in Shibboleth case it always ends with error page. I may be wrong but if you consider the nature of SP->IdP communication I believe there is no other option, unless you reimplement something.

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No, the back button is hit after IdP authentication. The user is already on our SP app before the back button issue occurs. –  danludwig Jul 20 '12 at 15:32

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