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I am using.

Date dateOfBirth
    static constraints = {
        dateOfBirth blank: false, date: true

Is this allowed I am after a date constraint and I also want to specify the format how can I do this?


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Read about validators:

Date dateOfBirth
static constraints = {
    dateOfBirth blank: false, date: true, validator: { val -> validateDate(val) }
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The Date object in grails will be a date picker in the format dd/mm/yyyy/hh:mm:ss. You can format it to just day month and year by specifying precision="day" - for example:

<g:datePicker name="fromDate" value="${params?.fromDate?: new Date().clearTime()}" precision="day"

where clearTime() sets hours minutes and seconds to 00:00:00 for use if you don't need that much precision and are only concerned with the date.

If you want to format the output of a date: g:formatDate . for validation you might want to use a closure. However, I'm not sure what you are trying to validate. Is it just that dateOfBirth is not null? Or is it that dOB is on or after a certain date? In the latter case, use a closure to define the constraint.

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