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So, short explained: I wanna get all records from the table games_records ordered by the highest furni value (pricelist_furnis_tradevalue.value) multiplied by the records amount (= games_records.amount). The furni value is in pricelist_furnis_tradevalue. Now... The pricelist_furnis_tradevalue has multiple entries for some furnis. I wanna get only the newest entry, therefore it should be ordered by pricelist_furnis_tradevalue.time. But this query below returns all entries from pricelist_furnis_tradevalue for each furni/record.

FROM games_records 
JOIN pricelist_furnis_tradevalue 
    ON games_records.furni = pricelist_furnis_tradevalue.furni
ORDER BY (pricelist_furnis_tradevalue.value*games_records.amount) DESC

Here are the structures of the 2 needed tables


id      user        furni       amount      time
1       2           4           40          1338052926
2       4           30          90          1338054046


id      furni       value       time
1       2           20          1334065379
2       2           50          1334067445
3       2           100         1334092057
4       4           50          1334065375
4       4           20          1334067436

I'd appreciate any help! Thanks!

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Have you tried selecting pricelist_furnis_tradevalue.value*games_records.amount ? – Kermit Jul 18 '12 at 19:49
@njk and define them with AS variable and then ORDER BY variable DESC? EDIT Tried it. Didn't work. – albin Jul 18 '12 at 19:52
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You need to get the record with the maximum time.

Here is one method:

FROM games_records join
     (select furni, max(time) as maxtime
      from pricelist_furnis_tradevalue
      group by furni
     ) as maxf
     on games_records.furni = maxf.furni JOIN
     ON games_records.furni = pricelist_furnis_tradevalue.furni and
        pricelist_furnis_tradevalue.time = maxf.maxtime
ORDER BY (pricelist_furnis_tradevalue.value*games_records.amount) DESC
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Thanks! This works perfectly! – albin Jul 18 '12 at 20:31
    (SELECT *, pricelist_furnis_tradevalue.value*games_records.amount AS 'mult' FROM games_records 
    JOIN pricelist_furnis_tradevalue 
    ON games_records.furni = pricelist_furnis_tradevalue.furni) a
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