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Using the apple built in Security framework and common crypto libraries I do not want to randomly generate RSA keys but I want to hardcode the file containing my special private key into the following function:

Code below was found here but I want to modify it to accomplish the above: Iphone - How to encrypt NSData with private key and decrypt with public key?

- (void)decryptWithPrivateKey:(uint8_t *)cipherBuffer plainBuffer:(uint8_t *)plainBuffer 
    OSStatus status = noErr; 

size_t cipherBufferSize = strlen((char *)cipherBuffer); 

NSLog(@"decryptWithPrivateKey: length of buffer: %lu", BUFFER_SIZE); 
NSLog(@"decryptWithPrivateKey: length of input: %lu", cipherBufferSize); 

size_t plainBufferSize = BUFFER_SIZE; 

//  Error handling 
status = SecKeyDecrypt([self getPrivateKeyRef], 
NSLog(@"decryption result code: %ld (size: %lu)", status, plainBufferSize); 
NSLog(@"FINAL decrypted text: %s", plainBuffer); 


Is it possible to do it with this function or do I have to rewrite the whole function to accomidate for my own private key use?

Thanks in advance!

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I figured out how to read this from a file by inputing the file path and importing the files to the project.

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