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I created a Bing Maps WPF dialog box and would like set the center and zoom level programmatically. I have tried using SetValue(), but I haven't found the right property to pass to it.

Here is the XAML for my Bing Maps dialog:

        Title="BingMapsDialog" Height="378" Width="467">
        <m:Map CredentialsProvider="Haha, nice try."/>
        <Button Content="Locate" Margin="0,0,0,0" Name="button1" HorizontalAlignment="Right" Width="Auto" Height="Auto" VerticalAlignment="Top" />

The code-behind looks like this:

namespace RAPMkI
    /// <summary>
    /// Interaction logic for BingMapsDialog.xaml
    /// </summary>
    public partial class BingMapsDialog : Window
        public BingMapsDialog(Location center, int zoom)

Is there a way to set the center and zoom level of my dialog box upon initialization, using the Location and zoom that I have passed it?

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You first need to give your map a name so you can access it programmatically. e.g.:

<m:Map Name="theMap" CredentialsProvider="Haha, nice try."/>

Then set the Center and ZoomLevel properties where you'd like them changed. For example:

public BingMapsDialog(Location center, int zoom)
    theMap.Center = center;
    theMap.ZoomLevel = zoom;

If that doesn't work, you might need to set Center and ZoomLevel in the Loaded event handler.

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I realize this is an older question, but the answer accepted is not correct anymore, if it ever was, so I'm hoping this will help someone else.

Center is property not a method so trying to set it won't work. I banged my head against the wall for a while on that too, and kept ending up off the West coast of Africa (Lat: 0, Long: 0).

What you're looking for is SetView(Location location, Double Zoom)

Here's the reference for that:

To rewrite the example above:

public BingMapsDialog(Location center, double zoom)
    theMap.SetView(center, zoom);

Should be all that's needed.

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Map has two bindable properties: ZoomLevel and Center . What you can do is to bind the view to a view model that has two properties which represent ZoomLevel and Center.

ZoomLevel is double, so a nice thing can be done is by adding a slider that its value is also bound to what represents the zoomlevel in the viewmodel . this way you can change the zoom using the slider.

*Note you need to make the mode of binding "TwoWays"

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