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I'm having a problem installing a windows service using the Setup & Deployment Method listed on the msdn website.

Here's what i did.

  • I created a dummy windows service.
  • I then created an projectInstaller for that service by right clicking on my service in design mode and choosing add an installer.
  • After that i created a separate Setup & Deployment project within the same solution and added output as the Windows Service Project.

When i right click on the Setup & Deployment project and hit install, the installer runs through the setup process and says the installation has completed successfully. Now when i go to the services windows in administration for some reason i don't see the Installed service listed at all. Has anyone run into this before? If so do you know what i might be doing wrong and how i can correct this.


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Did you define the Custom actions?
Have a look at this page: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/317421

Make sure you don't forget step 3 under Use a compiled Setup project to install the Windows Service

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+1 for the link; this article has since been superseded by support.microsoft.com/kb/816169 –  Shaul Behr Dec 30 '10 at 15:53

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