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How to customize the color of the symbol inserted in the "glasses mode" in Emacs? I have not found the option for this. Can anyone suggest anything?

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There's no option to set the face for the inserted separator (and from a brief study of the docs for emacs overlays, I don't think it's simple to add).

You can customize the face used for the capital letters that glasses-mode splits on; it's called glasses-face.

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You can reset glasses-separator either by hand or in your .emacs file to change the symbol. My elisp is rusty, but I think

(setq glasses-separator "~")

does that. At this point we have not changed the type face at all.

I think you may have to hack the mode (glasses.el) to accomplish this.

(defers to Allen's better reading of the question...)

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Well, yeah, I use following lines for this: '(glasses-original-separator "") '(glasses-separator "·") in my custom vars section. It helps to be sure that glasses are added by emacs and are not available in the code. –  avp Sep 23 '08 at 9:56

The easiest way to see the customisations available for glasses-mode is to enter:

M-x customize-group

and then enter glasses at the Customize group (default emacs): prompt.

However, you will need to set up a custom.el file first.

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