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Greetings Perl Experts

Based on the YAML file below, and this example Perl:YAML iterate in the Array? can someone please be so kind to show me a perl example where i can select the countrie and print out the cities i have been?

    BeenThere: [Miami, Denver, Las Vegas, Chicago]
    ToVisit:   [Los Angeles, Boston]
    BeenThere: [Paris, Amsterdam, Dublin, Bulgaria, Madrid]
    ToVisit:   [Budapest, Belgrad]
     BeenThere: [Venezuela, Bogota]
     ToVisit:   [Argentina, San Paulo]

Thanks a lot!

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I recommend Mark's very short tutorial about references –  Grant McLean Jul 18 '12 at 22:14

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Do you want to get the info for each country, or just a specific one?

Specific one:

my $country_name = '...';
my $country = $data->{$country_name};
my $visited = $country->{BeenThere};
for my $city_name (@$visited) {
   say $city_name;


for my $country_name (keys %$data) {
   my $country = $data->{$country_name};
   my $visited = $country->{BeenThere};
   for my $city_name (@$visited) {
      say "$city_name, $country_name";
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not sure why is not working, but thank you very much DB<3> s main::(yam3.pl:7): my $country = $data->{$country_name}; DB<3> l 7==> my $country = $data->{$country_name}; 8: my $visited = $country->{BeenThere}; 9: for my $city_name (@$visited) { 10: say $city_name; 11 } 12 13 DB<3> p $country_name USA DB<4> s main::(yam3.pl:8): my $visited = $country->{BeenThere}; DB<4> l 8==> my $visited = $country->{BeenThere}; 9: for my $city_name (@$visited) { 10: say $city_name; 11 } 12 13 DB<4> p $country DB<5> q vihtorr@w00w /var/www $ –  pacv Jul 18 '12 at 21:40
It's working fine except for the missing semi-colon. Added. Header: use strict; use warnings; use feature qw( say ); use YAML::XS qw(LoadFile); my $data = LoadFile('test.yaml'); –  ikegami Jul 19 '12 at 0:50

Depends on how you define "Select", this might help:

use strict;
use warnings;
use YAML::XS qw(LoadFile);

my $data = LoadFile('test.yaml');

for my $city (@{$data->{USA}{BeenThere}}) {
  print("$city ");

Each country is a hash reference and the cities are array references (handled like the link you passed).

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Thank you very much Qian, –  pacv Jul 18 '12 at 21:35

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