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This code creates a menu/sub menu via the arrays taken from a sheet (GApps)

// get globals
    var arrayMenu = globals.mpMenuItems;
    var arraySubMenu = globals.mpSubMenuItems;

    // create menu
    var menuBar = app.createMenuBar();
    var handler = app.createServerHandler();

    // add structure to menu
    for(var k=0; k<arrayMenu.length; k++) {
      menuBar.addItem(arrayMenu[k], this[arrayMenu[k][k]] = app.createMenuBar(true));
      for(var j=0; j<arraySubMenu[k].length; j++) {
        this[arrayMenu[k][k]].addItem(arraySubMenu[k][j], **handler**).addSeparator(app.createMenuItemSeparator());
    return menuBar;

Can anybody of you show me the way, how I can add the handlers dynamically as well? I've used the GWT code example as a guidance. Regards Jacob Jan

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You can create handlers using UiInstance's createServerHandler() and createClientHandler() methods.

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Hi Erik, I need the handler to be created at the handler position, so that each sub menu item gets a specific handler. Somehow it isn't meant to be created over there, but only referenced. Do you get my drift? Jacob Jan –  Jacob Jan Tuinstra Jul 20 '12 at 15:04
No, I don't understand. You could create a server handler in the loop as well, but it will need to point to a function that already exists. –  Eric Koleda Jul 23 '12 at 14:50
I never went beyond adding the functions. It works. –  Jacob Jan Tuinstra Jul 24 '12 at 9:08

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