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on my app i have this i'm trying to create a car of a previously registered user but i got the error (tittle post) this is my carcontroller

class CarController < ApplicationController
    def new
      @car =

    def create
      @user = User.find(params[:user_id])
      @car =[:car])
      redirect_to user_path(@user)

this is my route.rb

Estaciones::Application.routes.draw do
devise_for :users

root :to => "user#index"
resources :user do
   resources :cars

get "user/new"
post "user/create"
get "user/:id" => "User#show"
get "user/:user_id/car/new"

and this is part of my html.erb

<div class="container">

  <h1>new user registered</h1>

    <%= %>

    <%= %>

  <h2>new car registration</h2>

  <%= form_for([@user,]) do |f| %>
      <%= f.label :brand %><br />
      <%= f.text_field :brand %>
      <%= f.label :color %><br />
      <%= f.text_field :color %>
      <%= f.label :model %><br />
      <%= f.text_field :model %>
      <%= f.label :year %><br />
      <%= f.text_field :year %>
      <%= f.submit "Create new car"%>
  <% end %>

when i submit the creation of the new car i got the next error

No route matches [POST] "/user/1/cars"

any idea??

also my routes:

new_user_session GET    /users/sign_in(.:format)               devise/sessions#new
        user_session POST   /users/sign_in(.:format)               devise/sessions#create
destroy_user_session DELETE /users/sign_out(.:format)              devise/sessions#destroy
       user_password POST   /users/password(.:format)              devise/passwords#create
   new_user_password GET    /users/password/new(.:format)          devise/passwords#new
  edit_user_password GET    /users/password/edit(.:format)         devise/passwords#edit
                     PUT    /users/password(.:format)              devise/passwords#update
   cancel_user_registration GET    /users/cancel(.:format)                devise/registrations#cancel
   user_registration POST   /users(.:format)                       devise/registrations#create
   new_user_registration GET    /users/sign_up(.:format)               devise/registrations#new
  edit_user_registration GET    /users/edit(.:format)                  devise/registrations#edit
                     PUT    /users(.:format)                       devise/registrations#update
                     DELETE /users(.:format)                       devise/registrations#destroy
                root        /                                      user#index
           user_cars GET    /user/:user_id/cars(.:format)          cars#index
                     POST   /user/:user_id/cars(.:format)          cars#create
        new_user_car GET    /user/:user_id/cars/new(.:format)      cars#new
       edit_user_car GET    /user/:user_id/cars/:id/edit(.:format) cars#edit
            user_car GET    /user/:user_id/cars/:id(.:format)      cars#show
                     PUT    /user/:user_id/cars/:id(.:format)      cars#update
                     DELETE /user/:user_id/cars/:id(.:format)      cars#destroy
          user_index GET    /user(.:format)                        user#index
                     POST   /user(.:format)                        user#create
            new_user GET    /user/new(.:format)                    user#new
           edit_user GET    /user/:id/edit(.:format)               user#edit
                user GET    /user/:id(.:format)                    user#show
                     PUT    /user/:id(.:format)                    user#update
                     DELETE /user/:id(.:format)                    user#destroy
            user_new GET    /user/new(.:format)                    user#new
         user_create POST   /user/create(.:format)                 user#create
                     GET    /user/:id(.:format)                    User#show
                     GET    /user/:user_id/cars/new(.:format)      car#new
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can anyone help me – Asantoya Jul 18 '12 at 20:56

I am not a ruby on rails person. But.... your post url /users/1/cars does not match any of the routes you mentioned in your route.rb file.

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how can i fix it? – Asantoya Jul 18 '12 at 20:45
how can i fix it please any one help me – Asantoya Jul 18 '12 at 22:15

Try to do this :

root :to => "user#index"
resources :users do
  resources :cars

Instead this :

root :to => "user#index"
resources :user do
  resources :cars

(add a s to user). And try to go here : /users/1/cars

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The problem is because resources :user is singular, but the route wants a plural. The routes should be:

resources :users do
  resources :cars
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